Casamadre – or your Mother’s House. A place where – to riff off a (possibly) archaic stereotype – you and probably everyone around you went to be fed. Properly. All the time.

While we salute her dedication and walk in her footsteps – we are not your Mama’s casa. But we are a family – here to care, nourish and provide a safe space to enjoy simple, humble and honestly great Italian dishes created with locally sourced seasonal produce and peppered with Italian specialties we know no one can live without. Pasta all’uovo anyone? Maybe we aren’t super humble about it – but at least the ingredients are.


Casamadre is the longtime dream of Riccardo Gira Giraldo & Marta Meme Fagiuoli – a couple very used to feeding the masses, whether expected at the table or not. For them, this is a labour of love, a place where all the little details are already thought about and delivered right to your plate. Most importantly, this is a pair with whom ordering another round of negronis is always a good idea.